April 7 + 8, 2015 | Seaport Hotel | Boston

The Healthcare and Educational Facilities Design and Construction Event for New England

Conference Schedule

AIA Continuing Education Learning Units2014

Design professionals may earn American Institute of Architects (AIA)/Continuing Education System (CES) Learning Units (LUs) by attending pre-approved MED-Ed Facilities sessions and co-located conferences.

Day/Time Session Title CEUs
Tuesday, 8:00am T11: Emergency Department Design 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 8:00am T21: Where Healthcare and Education Meet; Medical Education and Clinical Simulation Centers 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 8:00am T31: Developing Facilities Guidelines / Construction Standards 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 8:00am T41: Code Essentials for New and Existing Buildings 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 8:00am T51: Healthy Indoor Air Quality by Design 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 10:00am T12: The New 2014 FGI Guidelines - Meeting the Client’s Needs 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 10:00am T22: Planning the Inter-Professional Simulation Center: Critical Features for Success 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 10:00am T32: Managing Technical Resources in the Design Firm 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 10:00am T42: The Massachusetts Energy and Stretch Codes 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 10:00am T52: Taking Action: Implementing Strategies for Improving Indoor Air Quality 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 12:00pm LT1: Healthcare Acquired Infections
Tuesday, 12:30pm LT2: Speech Privacy and Sound Masking in Modern Healthcare
Tuesday, 1:00pm LT3: Low Carbon Concrete
Tuesday, 1:30pm LT4: Hospital of the Future + Baystate’s CAFM Solution
Tuesday, 2:00pm T13: The American Medical School - Identifying Innovations for the Future of USA Hospital Design 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 2:00pm T23: Creating the Right Experience in Medical Simulation 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 2:00pm T33: Zero Net Energy Buildings in Massachusetts 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 2:00pm T43: Commissioning for Dummies 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 2:00pm T53: Laboratory Design Insights - Integrating the Building Envelope and Applying Product Transparency 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 2:00pm C1: Construction ICRA: Best Practices in Healthcare Construction 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 4:00pm T14: Master Planning for New Medical Schools in the US and Middle East 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 4:00pm T24: The “i” in BIM 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 4:00pm T34: Public Work in Massachusetts, Understanding Chapter 149 and Chapter 149A 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 4:00pm T44: Building Enclosure Commissioning: Finding Value 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 4:00pm T54: Avoiding Problems with Floor Finishes on Concrete Slabs 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 4:00pm C2: High Performance Masonry Design, Details and Costs 1.5 LUs
Tuesday, 5:30pm VIP: CSI Marketing Reception
Tuesday, 6:30pm C3: Evening CSI Meeting and Presentation - The Future of Construction Specifications 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 8:00am W11: Turning a Brownfield Site into a Community Health Center 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 8:00am W21: Collaborative Design - Medical Education and Research at UMASS Sherman Center 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 8:00am W31: Best Practices in Accessible Design and Construction 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 8:00am W41: The Secret to Successful Commissioning / Retro-Commissioning and the Integration of BIM 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 8:00am W51: Understanding High Performance Options for Insulation in Exterior Walls 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 10:00am W12: The Role of Water Features within the Healthcare Environment 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 10:00am W22: Integrated Project Delivery - Embracing a True Collaborative Team Approach 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 10:00am W32: So You Think Your Hospital is Accessible? 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 10:00am W42: Air Leakage and Building Tightness Verification in Commercial Buildings 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 10:00am C5: Making Green Building Greener : Key Attributes of Sustainable Building Products
Wednesday, 10:00am W52: Meeting Fire, Thermal and Air Barrier Requirements in Exterior Wall Assemblies 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 12:00pm LW1: Living up to the Promise of BIM
Wednesday, 12:30pm LW2: Low Carbon Concrete
Wednesday, 1:00pm LW3: Hospital of the Future + Baystate’s CAFM Solution
Wednesday, 2:00pm W13: Brigham Green - Repurposing the Historic BWH Main Entry for Parking and a Healing Destination 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 2:00pm W23: Creative Deconstruction of Healthcare Medical Centers 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 2:00pm W43: Importance of Existing Building Surveys: Identifying Potential Code Issues Prior to Renovations 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 2:00pm W53: Cost Estimating For Healthcare and Educational Facilities 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 2:00pm W33: Details for the Exterior Enclosure 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 2:00pm C4: New Construction Market Transformation
Wednesday, 4:00pm W24: Improving Healthcare Environments: Designing Spaces and Place Through Process Analysis 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 4:00pm W34: Shop Drawings, Change Orders and Claims 1.5 LUs
Wednesday, 4:00pm W44: Wall Enclosure Improvements - Capturing the Full Potential of Your Existing Wall System 1.5 LUs
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